Part sticky note. Part notebook. Part social network. Part internet of things. All ethically designed.

Connect the physical to the digital with the Outlinx mobile app and our QR Smart Stickers. Scan a sticker to create notes for your own reference, or use Outlinx stickers to share info with your friends and family. Like a digital bulletin board or digital sticky note. We don’t collect your personal data & we don’t display any ads.

Ever want to write something down, but you don’t because you know looking for that note will be more trouble than it’s worth? What if you could digitally store notes on objects using connected labels and simply retrieve the notes with your phone? We have created a new way for you to organize and communicate, by giving you the ability to use objects as a medium to share things. All you need is the Outlinx App and some Outlinx QR Smart Stickers.