Outreach Over Obstacles Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps thyroid patients and survivors through the obstacles of this tough journey.  Outreach Over Obstacles Inc is based from West Palm Beach FL.  Our goal is to provide the much needed financial assistance to patients and survivors. We provide help for but not limited to housing, food, childcare and transportation to doctors. We also know that awareness is the key to early detection. When people and families are affected by thyroid cancer Outreach Over Obstacles Inc want to be there to walk the family through the lengthy process.  The patient needs their strength and the caregivers need to be focused on the patient that is in a concentrated fight. Outreach Over Obstacles are general people formed together that cares for you as your part of their family.  They are lay people that have been where you are and know what to expect for this rising disease.  Outreach Over Obstacles knows that your fight is far from over when your treatment is finished.  We know and understand how the “cancer word” has affected you.  We also know that medicine has now become a life- long friend.