Outsource Experts Asia creates innovative business and outsourcing strategies that reduce cost, enhance competitive advantage and optimise performance for small and medium companies.

Traditionally, small and medium sized companies have recruited their own, in-house, sales, marketing, HR, accounting and other departments.  In recent years, companies have actively embraced outsourcing as an alternative.

Outsource Experts Asia is a specialist organisation which provides the following services:
•     Customer Service and Helpdesk
•     Human Resources, Training & Development
•     Leads Generation and Data Entry
•     Sales – Direct and Telesales
•     Customised Marketing Programs

Outsourcing offers several advantages over traditional recruitment, including:
•     Reduced cost by using contract engagement with few upfront recruitment fees
•     Strategic value through higher revenues, increased productivity and reduced time to market
•     Competitive advantage through better ability to focus on the company’s core competency

Operationally, we help clients incorporate business strategies that improve their effectiveness and efficiency.  For more information about our work, visit our website at www.outsourceexpertsasia.com email us at info@outsourceexpertsasia.com