We are the outsourcing company for optimization companies and agencies that need professional quality web design and development. We exist because of a well-known lack of quality within the industry and were founded on the principles developed over 17 years of programming experience and 9 years SE Optimization expertise. We deliver consistent quality, every time.

Bitsytask is raising the bar for the outsourcing industry. Business process outsourcing is usually lacking when it comes to the finer details of website optimization, web development and web design. Typically it is not understood that the ideal situation is to take an optimized approach.

What does optimized approach mean? That means multi-device compatible, inclusive of mobile and future devices, accessible, fast-loading, clean and w3c valid. In addition to this, we write HTML5 strictly to the w3 specifications ensuring that your website is future-proof and ready for transitions aimed at utilizing the unique features of HTML5.

We've worked with clients both large and small from simple graphic design to large web development projects comprising of the full stack. Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP programming. Our programmers and database administrators are available and competent, ensuring that our output is both scale-able and secure from attack.

We identified a need within the business process outsourcing / outsourcing web design industry that was alarming. While attempting to complete a separate project, we found that the vast majority of resources were under-qualified, unable to secure a website, prone to store sensitive data like credit card information and essentially make hundreds or thousands of customers personal financial data at risk. We've witnessed this on several occasions, including even unavoidable CAN-SPAM act violations. A violation that carries a maximum penalty of $1,000,000.

How does bitsytask do it? We're lead from the top by a profound and thorough knowledge of the web development spectrum. From design to implementation, testing and marketing, expertise is required, incentive and celebrated throughout the organization. All of our output is filtered through an industry-above-standard series of tests and human-verified testing. We've made it virtually impossible to deliver poor quality results.

Bitsytask is an outsourcing service focused on clients world-wide, particularly located in Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Canada, United States, Brazil, Japan and others. Our name is synonymous with our mission. To provide a seamless, integration with our partners that acts to create exponential benefits strengthening the overall health and well being of one another. On the internet, 1% improvements can mean one million dollars a year in revenue. Or a million dollars in wasted spending within a poorly configured PPC campaign.

For Google adwords and bing/yahoo adcenter we have a process for implementation, review and quality assurance. We've custom tailored a system of employee screening to ensure remote workers and virtual assistants are capable of operating at the top of their game.

Our remote workers and the best and brightest. Following in suit with the famous words of the legendary silicon valley Steve Jobs. Founder of Cupertino, California Goliath Apple computers.

"A players hire A players". We've taken this concept to heart and we realize its truth. To elaborate on our name and its meaning, to be symbiotic is beneficial to both parties. As an outsourcing service in the Philippines we recognize that to be parasitic, while common, is not a good long term strategy, rife with greed and misdirection. While symbiosis, or mutualism, is equally beneficial to both parties. Offshore, or domestic, it's true.

When organizations can utilize the best of each other in complete faith that outsource or offshore workers are optimally working synergistic-ally with each other, the benefits and exponential net effect can be substantial. As time passes, automation and specialization within specific processes that we append to individual clients may further promote these benefits.

Our true aim is to change the world for the better. At a profit. With determination, pride, superiority and a general sense of well being, our organization is able to confidently realize the net effect of our efforts as we grow. While we're profit reliant, we are driven by improvement, efficiency and assisting partners in virtually all ways possible to reach their goals. Our client base is our community, our relationships are mutually beneficial and unified in goal, while broad in scope. We rely on each other and can continuously improve many multiples of times creating prosperity and a satisfactory outsourcing experience.

We are Bitsytask (formerly symbiotic.me).