The REMA team is bringing to investors a new approach in real estate investment by offering low price investment properties specifically selected for their great location, long term and fixed rental revenues and future capital growth. All our properties are new and come with a 5 year building guarantee. Most of the real estate development that are actually offered to foreign investors are holiday homes or condominium located on ski, golf or spa resort in some of the most beautiful region across the globe.

Before buying real estate abroad, you must ask yourself the following question: Am I buying real estate as a pure investment or am I buying a house as a second home or lifestyle house that I will try to rent to help me cover some of the fix cost? Buying a second home or holiday home will generate rental revenues ONLY if the short term rental market and the economy are strong. People who are buying a house in resort are considering it as an expense, not as an investment. Also, being part of a luxury home or condominium resort mean that you will have to pay substantial resort fees and in most case you will have to split 50% of your rental revenue with the rental company that is operating the resort. At REMA, we are working with real estate investors that are looking for great and safe location and where rental revenues are guaranteed by long term lease.

Buying a rental property from our selected development will give you an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. With the current financial market, real estate in Canada is considered as a safe investment. With our approach, the investor will not have the opportunity to use his property as a second home because it will be rented by a local family or a couple with long term signed lease. REMA will take the responsibility to find the renter for your property and will also collect the monthly rent for you. Our team of professional will manage your property so you will not have to care about it.

To make your investment even more safe, REMA is also paying you in advance the equivalent of 2 years of rental income. This 2 years rental guarantee is paid in advance on the day the sale is completed. For more details on rental guarantee, please ask one of our REMA representatives.

Another reason why REMA is unique is that we are not only offering expensive investment properties. In our portfolio, you can buy a property for only 189 000$CAD* (115 000 EUR or 103 000 GBP) and finance up to 65% of the purchase price with a Canadian bank. REMA is working closely with mortgage specialists from different bank in Canada that will assist you with the financing. Take note that it is quite simple for international buyer to obtain a mortgage in Canada.

Benefits from investing in REMA properties instead of any holiday home resort:
•Lower sale price: REMA is offering properties starting at 189 000 CAD versus 450 000  CAD and over for buying properties in a resort.
•2 years rental income paid in advance.
•Rental revenues guaranteed by long term leases: Resort home are usually rent only for short term period (week-end or week) with no lease. Average occupancy rate for resort home is 20%-25% while in city the occupancy rate is almost 100%.
•No resort fees: Ski, Golf or Spa resort are charging between 300CAD to 1000CAD monthly for resort fees. In our properties, the condominium fees are ranging from 40CAD to 85CAD monthly.
•No furniture or appliances to buy: When you buy a home in a resort, you have to fully equip the house with furniture, appliances, games, linens, decoration and more. On top of that, you will have to pay to replace or repair them almost every 2 years. With our properties, the renters will provide everything from appliances to linens, nothing need to be provide by the owner.
•No monthly bill to pay: If you own a home or chalet in a resort, you are responsible for paying every bill like internet, cable, insurance, heating and electricity, phone and even more. With our properties, all these cost are paid directly by the renter.

*Exchange rate for EUR and GBP on April 8th 2009 was 1EUR = 1,63892 CAD and 1GBP = 1,82451 CAD