The Partnership for Academic Competition Excellence (PACE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer alliance of advocates and organizers for the game of high school quizbowl and related scholastic competitions. PACE has been promoting quizbowl since its founding in 1996.

PACE has many objectives:
- to promote and encourage the growth of quality high school academic tournaments around the country,
- to provide guidance or assistance to colleges or high schools that wish to organize academic tournaments,
- to encourage innovation and creativity in academic competition,
to establish visibility for college quizbowl programs that run high school tournaments,
- to foster cooperation among college and high school quizbowl programs in preparation for upcoming regional, state, or national tournaments,
- to encourage quizbowl teams to participate in tournaments across the country prior to regional, state, or national championships,
- to promote adequate opportunities for all teams to practice, compete, and socialize among other fellow competitors,
- to produce the question set for and run the National Scholastic Championship each year.

PACE runs the annual National Scholastic Championship (NSC), the first national quizbowl competition designed to use high-quality academic questions, a fair game format, and impartial staff.

Besides running the NSC, PACE has taken the lead in on-the-ground outreach by affiliating with high quality local tournaments and sponsoring the Quizbowl Resource Center, a communication hub consisting of discussion forums, question archives, and tournament archives.