Pacific Coast Jazz – grass roots artist services and international distribution, you’re in control.

Pacific Coast Jazz, founded in 2003, is a world-class boutique label. Our goal is to bring new and refreshing jazz musicians to audiences worldwide. We offer professional insight and direction you need to create the right opportunities for your music and an international distribution outlet for your music. WE DO NOT BOOK your band but instead, we act as your quarterback for your new musical project. We DO NOT ACT AS YOUR FINANCIAL backer either. Our services include management of all of your promotion, distribution, retail, and advertising needs. The best part for you, we don't want to own your master. Check out our services page.

That Other Label In late 2008, Pacific Coast Jazz spun off a new arm of the company, That Other Label. TOL is now in place to help artists in the same powerful way that they help jazz folks - but in any other genre that is not jazz. New relationships are being formed all the time and these relationships are opening new doors for all PCJ and now, TOL artists.