Pacific Controls is one of the leading information and communication technology (ICT) enabled machine-to-machine (M2M) automation and control solutions providers globally. PC has developed a complete integrated managed solution platform "Galaxy" and “Gbots”, its software robots, deployed across networks for connecting smart devices, buildings and whole cities wirelessly to IT infrastructure and enterprise systems for real-time delivery of managed services. The Company operates in three primary (M2M) segments which are ICT enabled (i) Managed Facility Automation & Infrastructure Solutions (Automation), (ii) Remote Monitoring and Management Solutions (“RMMS”) and (iii) Managed Energy Services (“MES”).

The company has invested aggressively in foundation technologies for “smart systems,” including unified communications, embedded systems and network enablement tools, virtualization technologies, applications and software infrastructure. These core technologies and platform capabilities revolve around real-time situational awareness and automated analysis for equipment assets and infrastructure. As a result, technology moves beyond just proposing task solutions — such as executing a work order or a repair order — to sensing what is happening in the world around it, analyzing that new information for risks and possibilities, presenting alternatives, and taking actions.

Over the years, PC has developed a strong relationship with loyal blue-chip clients locally, regionally and in key countries around the world including the United States (“US”), Europe, Australia and India.

In addition, the Company has entered into a number of strategic alliances with global Telecommunications Companies (“Telcos”) to jointly deliver ICT enabled Managed Services to the global market to capitalize on opportunities driven by global climate change initiatives, rising energy prices and the need to improve the productivity and efficiency of energy intensive assets. PC’s business strategy involves leveraging the Telcos network infrastructure to deliver managed services to property owners/managers and key Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”) providing facility systems using the Telcos’ sales and marketing teams and enabled by the Telcos’ service delivery capabilities. In line with this strategy, the Company delivers software, hardware and managed services through its global Command Control Centers (“CCCs”), enabling improved energy and asset efficiency for building systems and equipment as well as real time measurement and verifications of the facility’s carbon footprint.

PC has established global leadership in this area by delivering most of the world’s largest ICT enabled projects to date. In addition to developing the necessary hardware and software components to support this strategy, the Company has successfully delivered systems integration at the enterprise level and has developed the world’s first Enterprise City Management Platform called Galaxy (“Galaxy”), for deployment in cities around the world.

PC is also a pioneer in knowledge and business process outsourcing in the energy services and facility management sector. The Company currently operates four large state of the art Command Control Centers (“CCCs”) three at its facilities in Dubai, and one in the United States, which provide 24x7x365 remote monitoring of clients assets and facilities, enabling clients to enhance security of their assets, measure carbon footprint, optimize energy usage, and reduce set up and operational costs associated with achieving the same objectives through their own investments.

In 2011 PC launched the Pacific Controls Cloud Services a fully owned subsidiary that will own and operate a 85,000 sqft, Tier Three certified Data Centre Campus, where Pacific Controls will offer Virtualized managed services, using the "Galaxy" platform and the "Gbots" on the Pacific Controls Cloud, for Government and corporate customers.
In 2007, PC’s headquarters building received the honor of being the first USGBC LEED certified platinum-rated green building in the Middle East and the 16th in the world. The sustainability features of the building demonstrate the Company’s commitment to delivering the concept of technology for sustainable development and showcase ICT enabled automation solutions that deliver energy efficiency and real time measurement and verification of carbon footprint. This building demonstrates the evolution of ICT enable technology for all the Company’s clients and is a living laboratory and R&D center for advanced ICT.