With two offices in the Pittsburgh PA area, PacketViper, LLC goal is to be the world leader in IP network location, allocation, and reputation information and to develop products using this information to reduce Internet threats. PacketViper® was developed to reduce global network threats, attacks, probes, spam, save bandwidth, and resource loads to current security environments.

With its launch in January 2012,  PacketViper became the first bi-directional, point and click, per-port country-blocking network firewall that's available for sale world-wide.

PacketViper can severely disrupt a connection based Distributed Denial of Service attack, spam, malware, virus break-outs, and probing by blocking unnecessary countries the attacker may enter through. By limiting access by country and port, a network administrator can drastically limit the attackers options for launching attacks against their business.

Enterprise firewalls are continually under persistent attack from a variety of global cyber threats. Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks puts businesses at risk for network outages, lost revenue,and data leaks. With PacketViper if a country offers no business value, filter it. Reduce its potential threat to your business by limiting what its allowed to access.

PacketViper is a transparent in-line security appliance which can not be directly attacked while sitting inline and invisible to the world.

Reduce attack spaces by blocking high-risk IP addresses from foreign countries. Use our Global Network Lists to block millions of known botnets, spammers, and vulnerable networks from countries you want open to your network.

Broad stroke blocking of IP address ranges often prevent legitimate users from accessing critical network resources.

PacketViper eliminates the need to maintain hundreds of country-based access control lists (ACLs), significantly reducing the burden on system administrators, firewalls, and routers in the network.

PacketViper has closed the gap and developed a practical and simple new layer of country network filtering, which is low cost, and simple to install.