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We are here to better serve your industry, to increase margins and provide you with unmatched customer support. We understand the challenges of today's industry leading professionals and we can rise up to meet the challenges and together develop the best possible solutions.

A Global Leader

A true leader is one who sets out to change the order of things this is why our technologies are threatening the competition as we take an unexpected, radical approach to solving customer dilemmas. Applying one fundamental principle, 1 on 1 customer bonding, we discover your needs and provide turnkey solutions so that you can build and grow your business.

You will benefit from a customer centric approach by working in agreement with Pack-Smart to break the boundaries of conventional thinking. Utilizing leading edge technologies our equipment will provide you with unmatchable performance in the industry so that your business can stay ahead of competition by differentiating your products.


Pack-Smart provides professional design and consulting services in engineering, project management and technical support. Pack-Smart supports both public and private sector clients in a broad range of markets, from initial concept and feasibility studies to project completion and support. Our Services Include...
General Automation
Maintenance and Field Support
New Product Development


Realizing environmental sustainability while being competitive in today's business world is a tough balancing act. Yet with the high visibility packaging market expected to reach an all time high of $8.5 billion in 2010, companies need to pursue sustainability practices. These practices not only help to build company image in the business and consumer world, but also allow energy and waste reduction goals to be met without reducing quality, efficiency or productivity.