Pack the Joint is geared to improve the way local music is handled.  The booking process is streamlined and promotes clear communication, eliminates hassles, and provides fans with opportunities keep up to date.  Pack the Joint was developed with the expertise of two "Joint Owners" that have very different backgrounds.  Vanessa Stevens, MBA, has a strong and diverse business background, which has provided a thorough understanding of the needs of local music venues and businesses.  Shawn Powell is an outstanding musician with a strong fan base, as well as a long history within the local music scene.  The two strive to give the local music industry a facelift in a way that "just makes sense".  Live music venues have two pricing options- they can either contract Pack the Joint to handle all of their bookings for free, or they can choose to reach out when they need help for a small fee.  Local musicians are able to join the band roster without commitments or fees.  Once they are booked for a show, the standard booking rate applies.  Local businesses are encouraged to list with Pack the Joint to gain exposure, and this is without a charge.  The only requirement is that customers referred by Pack the Joint will receive a discount on the service or product offered.  Most importantly, the fans are involved with Pack the Joint.  They are invited to join the fan list so that they can qualify to enter drawings for prizes, keep updated on shows, and be part of a growing trend in the local music industry.  By putting all of the key players together in one place, Pack the Joint is sure to succeed.