NowPos Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a software technology development and services company focusing on the mobile phone industry. In the past years the organization has gained significant expertise in the mobile and web domain with several mobile based products.
PaDiSys from NowPos is a product to manage patient reported outcome of treatment, and enable timely communication and intervention. Padisys empowers the patient to proactively manage their medication and reported outcome (PRO) electronically through using their mobile phone device. Padisys in addition to the PRO technology also enables site level functions and interfaces to other clinical systems, improving trial compliance by many fold.

With the cost of clinical trials escalating every year, pharmaceutical companies are looking for new and improved ways to reduce their investments and improve trial compliance by adopting electronic method to data capture at the hands of the patient or when the patient visits the investigator site. Research indicates that more than half of the clinical trials capture health related information during an oncology, Alzheimer's, CNS (Eg. Pain, insomnia, depression), respiratory, immunology, Phase IV Studies.

Data collected using PaDiSys assesses the following construct with highest level compliance:

   * Symptoms (impairments)
   * Functioning (disability)
   * Health related Quality of Life (HRQol)
   * Quality of Life (QoL)