The Ultimate Beauty Pageant Notebook is a pageant preparation workbook designed for all types of pageant contestants and any type of beauty pageant. Available in special editions for Miss, Teen, Mrs, Ms and Kids pageant contestants, the Ultimate Pageant Notebook is part of the Pageant U complete pageant preparation system.

Whether you need help writing an introductory speech, getting platform ideas, or learning tips and tricks used by experienced contestants, The Ultimate Pageant Notebook will get you prepared, organized, and ready to compete and win the crown.

If you are entering your very first pageant, or if you are thinking about competing, but have never done it before, then the Ultimate Pageant Notebook is right for you.

If you are an experienced contestant who has come close to winning, or you have not achieved the results that you were hoping for, then the Ultimate Pageant Notebook may help you find the answers you need to win the crown.

If you are a titleholder looking for an organizer, planner, or a more practical replacement for your big, bulky, pageant binder, then you will love the Ultimate Pageant Notebook.

If you are looking not only to excel at your next pageant, but to take what you have learned and apply it usefully and successfully to every aspect of your life, then you need the Ultimate Pageant Notebook.