Provides counsel and advisory services in the area of pay-per-click advertising and search engine marketing. Helps clients and agencies improve the ROI of their campaigns through campaign optimization, landing page testing, and by improving website conversion rates.

Paid Search Partners is a team of veteran consultants and strategists with experience on both the client and agency side. We know the pains and challenges that plague most paid search campaigns, and how to overcome them. We work with companies who need, and are committed to getting a greater return from their search marketing dollars.

Without a doubt, search engine marketing is one of the most powerful marketing mediums ever created. For the first time in history, a consumer expresses a very specific intent before you advertise to them. If you aren’t already experimenting with paid search, you should be.

Over the past few years our staff has spent millions of dollars and made over $250 million dollars in revenue through pay per click advertising. There is no question that paid search works.