Dr. Kerch says, "I've combined my clinic with "Your 2 Feet", a retail Quality Foot and Ankle Pain Relief Center stocking products designed to aid healing.  Common conditions treated include ingrown nails, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, athletes foot, warts, custom orthotics, ankle sprains, injuries, surgery, diabetic foot care. Appointments accepted at 206-786-0064.
"Your 2 Feet" offers OTC orthotics/arch supports and custom orthotics. You can find a diversity of therapeutic shoe lines, Crocs Rx, medical socks, a "One Stop Foot Shop" located at the base of Capital Hill in Seattle. We proudly offer products that produce results.
Our establishment has served the Seattle community as a franchise with a large stock of the  Z-CoiL® pain relief shoes, both 1.0 and 2.0 styles for over ten years.
We are well stocked in therapeutic support and performance toe socks; elastic shoelaces; creams/sprays for athletes or sweaty feet; biofreeze designed to relieve aches and pains; four different kinds of arch supports/orthotics; You may have an issue that requires a customizable heated orthotic to be molded while you wait.
We stock a variety of braces, wraps, night splints, and some of the most innovative kit of products products collated to relieve plantar fascitis, heel pain and pain locations elsewhere.
We have a variety of pads for under the ball of the foot and arch support which are adjustable for pain relief.

Medical grade Crocs, Rx. can be found only in a medical setting such as our store.
Th three choices of working Crocs we stock are slip resistant and meet dress code.

Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear:
Studies have shown that Z-CoiL® footwear cushions 50% of the impact from walking or running, when compared to a conventional shoe. Like shock absorbers in a car, these shoes have a unique "spring suspension system," along with extra cushioning at the ball of the foot, that absorb the shock of impact. They also feature a built-in orthotic that provides necessary support to the mid-foot area and distributes pressure more evenly across the bottom of the foot. This helps to prevent painful conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs from developing, or helps you heal more quickly if you’re already in pain.

"Your 2 Feet" stocks Over the Counter Orthotics/Arch Support Products- Superfeet, Lynco Orthotics, Emsold, Powerstep, as well as inserts.

Everyone's feet are unique, and different activities demand different types of footwear. Taking these variables into account, it's unrealistic to expect one orthotic/arch support/insole will fit every shoe and every foot. That's why you can choose from different styles, Superfeet, Powersteps,Emsold and Lyncos, at "Your 2 Feet"  to improve the fit of most of your footwear - whether you walk, run, ski, hike, snowboard, play basketball, or work all day on your feet. Finding the right size and style is critical to your satisfaction.

Foot type, footwear, and activity all play an important role in selecting the proper style and size of insoles and shoes. Because we cannot take all of these factors into consideration without an evaluation at "Your 2 Feet", we highly recommend visiting us for an I-Step pressure analyses and full evaluation to ensure proper selection and fit of our products. Come here for a free I-step pressure analysis to assess orthotic.This helps us give you the right type of orthotic that we stock for your arch type. Biomechanical control can be optimized with a pair of custom made orthotics fabricated by our onsite podiatrist.

You may have an issue that requires a customizable heated orthotic to be molded while you wait.

Dr. Kerch can fabricate orthotics customized from a cast of your feet specificially designed to treat the issue she has diagnosed.

For more information please visit our blog at: http://your2feet.blogspot.com/
All you have to lose is your pain.