Painted Heads applies the ancient art form of Henna to the heads of women, children and men experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or other health related conditions, helping transform one’s loss of self-esteem into a healing experience.

Discovering you have cancer is difficult. Your life does change. Enduring the process of exhausting treatments accompanied with numerous side effects, and remaining positive throughout is an extremely challenging journey. Losing your hair due to chemotherapy can add to the emotional pain, inhibiting one’s self-confidence and presents a constant reminder of your illness. Painted Heads offers an alternative to hiding behind caps, scarves and wigs, through original henna designs, transforming a negative experience into something inspiring.

Natural Henna is a plant, and it is completely safe. The leaves contain a property called lawsone, which oxidizes with the keratin in your skin, leaving a temporary reddish brown dye or stain on the skin. It will naturally fade as your skin exfoliates. Mehndi, the art of applying henna, is one of the oldest beauty traditions in the world and has been practiced for thousands of years in Eastern cultures. Even today, henna is used to celebrate upcoming marriages, and is regarded as a means of protection for women, ensuring good health and wishes in times of transition. Beating cancer could be considered a time of transition.

Painted Heads is a FREE Service for all cancer patients, and will be funded through the support of Sponsorships and Donations. Each contribution will inspire a special person every time they look in the mirror and see their own creative expression rather than emptiness.  It provides a smile and a positive view in the midst of one of life’s greatest challenges. Help Painted Heads empower those that need it most.