Steve Pandi, CEO of the one-piece pajama brand, first started selling onesie footed pajamas in 1998 after having the pajamas made for his band. People loved his pj's and word began to spread. Today JumpinJammerz leads the footed pjs space in quality, comfort and design.

Our world famous Jammerz footed PJs have been worn by a growing list of celebrity clients, including Joan Cusack, Dakota Fanning, Vanessa Lengies, been spotted on Mad TV, Warner Brothers, Oxygen Media, So TV UK, Saturday Night Live, and Big Brother. Most famously when, on The Ellen DeGeneres show, Ellen, Ryan Gosling and the entire audience wore footie Jumpin Jammerz! Most recently, Jumpin Jammerz has teamed up with KISS for unique collector's item footie pajamas.

Today the company operates a warehouse based in the United States where they ship thousands of adult-sized footed pajamas to men and women in the US, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and more. Beyond a comfortable sleepwear, JumpinJammerz provides several options and caveats within their product line. Drop-seat onesies, costume pajamas, licensed name-brand footed pajama onesies and more can be found at the retailers website.

We always welcome Corporate, & Affiliate possibilities. Jumpin Jammerz loves to hear your feedback and comments regarding our product. After all we would be nowhere without our fans!