People are switching traditional methods and human practices by machines and appliances. More and more new products are being introduced in the market, and the already present products are being made better. Innovation is in the boom and there is hardly any task for which a device or an appliance is not available.
In Pakistan, too, the people are shedding off their conventional methods. The advancement is indeed heartening. Even in the remote areas, people are making progress in this regard.
The latest trend is of e-commerce and electronics are the top products being sold online. With the introduction of new online stores and online web pages of all the brands, people are opting more and more for online shopping and shedding of traditional shopping. When we ask people’s opinion on this, we can find varying thoughts on this. A lady said, “Online shopping is indeed helpful for us, we can get anything, just by sitting at homes and we have more variety and options.” Another lady commented, “I rather shop at pakbaazar.com and malls, it is a good way to get out of monotonous routine as well as looking at the things and then choosing the better one, based on quality.”