Its highly articulated hand and stereo cameras system allows it to grasp many kinds of objects, and it can carry really heavy weights (20% of its own weight) thanks to its strong arms. Additionally, it can speak to people and accept voice commands, recognize faces and give appointment reminders similar to a personal assistant.

REEM-B can be used in a wide spectrum of public spaces as for example hotels, museums, trade shows, special events, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, care centers and many others.

The REEM-B robot is far superior to the REEM-A robot and with it the company, Pal Technology Robotics  plans on creating a humanoid service robot. REEM-B is able to walk dynamically, grasp objects and navigate within buildings. The 1.47 meter tall robot also accepts voice command and recognizes faces. REEM-B's 120-minute battery life is twice that of REEM-A. The REEM robots are developed in Barcelona, Spain by the Pal team. REEM-B can generate autonomously a map of its environment and avoid obstacles.

REEM-B has fingered hands with 4 fingers and 10 motors each. The final goal is to make the robot able to manipulate common objects. It can lift and transport heavy objects up to 20- 25% of its own weight. This makes REEM-B one of the strongest biped humanoids in the world.