Pam Fields Photography is a Las Vegas based portrait,fine art boudoir, and commercial photographer. She is quickly working to build her brand and is known for her eye for lighting and quality edits. Pam is also quick to build a solid rapport with her clients working to get them the images they want. She believes that what matters is making a connection with people and to understand what it is they want. She believes that we are all creative and have a desire to tap into that creativity and this happens on both sides of the camera. Pam Fields Photography is an award will photographer and is also accepted into the Vogue Italia Photographer Database. She is currently the managing editor of RISE Magazine, an international digital and print fashion magazine.  

Pam Fields Photography (www.pamfieldsphotography.com) is a professional photography company based in Las Vegas, Nevada specializing in portraits, boudoir, and commercial photography. Her work style is modern and bold. In addition to portraits and boudoir, she provides headshots, event photography, and real estate photography. When she has the opportunity, Pam is also passionate about shooting music concerts. Follow Pam Fields Photography on Instagram @pamfieldsphoto or on Facebook at facebook.com/pamfieldsphoto