Simple Yoga International was formed in late 1997 after its founder, Pam Ojalae, discovered that her techniques were becoming ever increasingly popular. Simple Yoga is first, in the world health history, to use freely available Pran (Oxygen) as a medicine & in turn remains successful in treating  thousands of grief stricken persons suffering from lethal diseases like Diabetes, H.B.P., Angina, Blockages in Arteries, Obesity, Asthma, Bronchitis, Leucoderma, Depression, Parkinson, Insomnia, - Migraine, Thyroid, Arthritis, Cervical Sodalities, Hepatitis, Chronic Renal Failure, Cancer, Cirrhosis of Liver, Gas, Constipation, Acidity etc. which are still a challenge in modern medical science.
I first discovered the success of Pran 20 years ago when I met a yogi while I still lived in India he helped me lose 14 kilos in weight by using a simple stomach breathing exercise I soon discovered that there were many more benefits from using Pran. Simple Yoga endeavours to measure medicinal value of Pran (Oxygen) will soon give new turn to modern medical science.