Panacea Scientific is a company who has rights to distribute this product for ATM Metabolics. In addition to this product, there are other products in the Panacea Healthy Living line that have been developed as all-natural solutions that help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

GC7x® Sugar Defense™ is formulated to help you maintain lower blood sugar and can also help lose weight. It features Emulin®, an all-natural phytonutrient blend that “emulates insulin” by interrupting sugar metabolism in 7 ways.

Emulin® was discovered by scientists after 10 years of rigorous testing and research. The proprietary blend of natural plant flavonoids has been awarded a US patent (US 7,943,164 B2). It has also been tested in two impressive clinical studies where it was shown to help lower blood sugar (see GC7x® Science).

GC7x® Sugar Defense™ works by interrupting 7 metabolic pathways in the body. These pathways are how the body processes sugar.