Panaxion is an engineering company taking custom painting into the 21st century by developing and integrating hi-tech hardware tools, software applications, design content and web-based industry marketplaces.

Executive Team

Chris Frosztega President & CEO
Chris is a founding shareholder and has spent the last four years building the Panaxion team and developing the commercialization strategy for his invention. Starting in high school, Chris worked during summers as a painter. Following his first year in university, he started a student painting enterprise. Upon completing his Business degree at Carleton University, Ottawa, Chris diversified into renovations while continually looking for better solutions to traditional painting processes. Chris imagines a future where home renovating/decorating projects will be planned and even realized like a video game.

Frank McDonnell VP Systems Development & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Frank, the second founding shareholder, holds a B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from McGill University, Montreal. Frank worked as a Resident Engineer, Construction Engineer, Construction Manager and Project Manager on hydro-electric power generation, transmission and distribution projects all over the world costing from 5 million to 500 million dollars. Frank is the co-inventor with Chris on several patents and patent applications.

Engineering team

Our engineering team includes 15 mechanical, electronic, software, embedded systems, networks and chemical engineers.

Engagement team

Our engagement team includes 10 multimedia, product, instructional and usability designers, digital marketing and marketing communications professionals.