Welcome to Pandemonium Real Estate. The “Pandemonium” Brand was founded in the year 1102 AD on a commitment to professionalism and customer service that remains the core of our business philosophy nearly a thousand years later. We are the oldest real estate organization in existence and our experience has helped make the dream of owning personal property in Hell a reality for many Billions of people. Our website is a reflection of our belief in customer service and providing an exceptional real estate experience to those who wish to prepare for their or an acquaintances eventual commitment to eternity in Hell.

We want you to enjoy your transition in the best way possible by preparing ahead of time.  If the property you want is available then we will do everything in our power to negotiate an affordable price to secure your dream property in Hell.  Investing for someone else can send a message of love as well.  If you want a loved one, friend or co-worker to know that you’ve thought about them, their actions or their eventual final resting place, then Pandemonium Real Estate is for you.  

Choose from properties all over Hell to suit your needs.  We have gorgeous lots on the Famous River Styx, and water view properties all the way to simple lots with territorial views to suit your budget.  All lots come with the assurance that a concierge from Pandemonium Real Estate will greet you upon your arrival and usher you through all the Customs faster and with more respect than you could ever hope for.  Your experience is everything to us.