The Linden Centers and the work they do

The first Linden Center was founded in the summer of 1996. Charles Linden had spent over 12 months, with a substantial group of research subjects, identifying what it was that all recovered anxiety sufferers had done to cause their recovery – the resultant findings formed the cornerstone of what was to become The Linden Method program. Very quickly, the client base grew and Charles stopped his work in TV so that he could dedicate all his time to curing his clients. The success of the program meant that, as clients recovered, increasingly more people wanted to use the program and over time, Charles took on staff to assist him with the 1000's of new clients. Now, over 14 years later, The Linden Method is referred to, used by and recommended by health practitioners from around the world and Charles is regarded as, probably, the World's number one authority on the subject of anxiety recovery.