Start-up Nik of Time, Inc. is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of the PantryChic™ Store & Dispense System™ and PantryChic™ Recipe App, which will replace traditional ingredient storage canisters, measuring cups & spoons, and digital scales to create a new category in the $2.2 billion U.S. food preparation appliance and $111.4 billion worldwide food container markets. With Bluetooth® technology and automatic measuring & dispensing capabilities the Store & Dispense System™ allows bakers and health food enthusiasts at every skill level to streamline recipe preparation so they can generate professional results in less time without the mess. Three U.S. patents, a robust manufacturing plan and distribution partnerships will enable Nik of Time to capitalize on the consumer market opportunity and invest in future products to address the needs of restaurants and bakeries, food/nutraceutical labs, and pharmaceutical labs.

If you are interested in partnership or investment opportunities please contact us at: inquiries@ pantrychic.com