Meet Paparazit - real-time user generated news, photos and location update about celebrities
Each year more and more people consume real-time news straight from their smartphones and tablets. In an estimated 3$ billion market just in the U.S and over 500 million consumers worldwide who follow and consume news and gossip about celebrities on a daily basis, the consumers experience is still just limited to consuming the content instead of also creating it and being part of it.
Paparazit, a newly launched startup, which combines the power of social networking and User-generated content, to bring real-time, location based news and updates about celebrities, aims to empower and enrich the users experience in this industry, allowing every smartphone owner in the world, no matter what age or location, to participate in creating the content and expose it to millions of people worldwide.
Paparazit combines web and mobility with dedicated mobile apps for iPhone and Android and a standalone gossip social network website, powered by the crowed – Paparazit is the first mobile application that sends push messages of the celebrities current location at real time.
Paparazit allows users to share and consume news, photos, and locations updates about their favorite celebrities in real time. Using the app, users now have the power to become paparazzi photographer’s themselves and share pictures they've taken and consume similar content created by others.
Paparazit also aims to change the way we connect with celebrities. No more just virtual interaction in the digital arenas such as fan pages on Facebook, but in real life, in real time, by creating a direct dialog between Paparazit users who takes the pictures and shares it and between their favorite’s celebrities which from now on will encounter their fans face to face on a daily basis.
With Paparazit, users can share and receive real-time content about their favorite celebrities, including photos, news updates and celebrities whereabouts location updates as well as get rewarded for photos they take and are sold to a third party gossip website, magazine etc..