PapayaHead is all about these three things:

1.      Dispelling Myths: We are all bombarded with information (and misinformation) about food, nutrition and eating. Every day we see headlines that are scary, confusing or contradictory. PapayaHead provides simple, clear information and tools to help you make decisions about what to eat. And we enjoy poking fun at, and poking some holes in, the myths that exist about food.

2.      Eating Well: Not to be trite, but this really means whatever you want it to. It's not about starving yourself, it's not about depriving yourself of foods that you like and it's not about following the newest fad diet (unless that is what you want to do). It is about getting the right amount and type of nutrition, for your body, from food that you choose and like. And we are not here to tell you what that is. We are not "your momma" and we are not the "big brother of food". We provide lots of information and tools to help you decide what to eat, but it is your choice. You decide what "eating well" is for you. We'll help make it easier.

3.      Having Fun: OK. For most people, planning meals is about as much fun as sticking a pencil in your eye. We get that. So we are trying to make it as quick and easy as possible. We've spent a lot of time working with dietitians, programmers, techies, trekkies, entrepreneurs, and eaters from all walks of life to create this. (just kidding' about the trekkies, we haven't tapped them for nutritional guidance, yet...) We've organized mountains of nutritional information and guidelines into some super-simple and customizable tools, for you. We take the clinical accuracy and performance of our site very seriously. Everything else is subject to our unique sense of humor and we hope to amuse you as we challenge, expose and ridicule myths and misinformation.

Who are we?: Our team formed and this adventure began about five years ago, in Olympia, Washington. We are a group of people who have a passion for eating...like you... who really want to know more about what they are eating...like you...and who refuse to accept eating 'cardboard' as the only way to being healthy...like you.