Papelyco by Lifepack was formed to offer an alternative, sustainable solution to using disposable plates made from non-biodegradable foams and plastics that wind up in landfills, streams and oceans after use; these products are harmful to wildlife and the environment as they may never bio-degrade.

We offer an alternative that converts users of paper products into responsible consumers.

Hailing from Colombia and brought to St. Louis via Arch Grants by co-founders Claudia Isabel Barona (CMO) and Andres Benavides (CEO), Lifepack sells “packaging that generates life”.

Our sustainable, disposable, biodegradable paper products are made from pineapple crowns and corn husks—agricultural waste by-products—that reduce both the pollution from polymer plate use and greenhouse emissions. But our product is not just recyclable: Since the product is embedded with seeds, consumers can actually plant the packaging after use. This means a plate will find a second life as a plant or flower, providing the planet with more oxygen and, ultimately, more life. Or, if you wish not to plant it, you can simply discard it with your regular garbage where it will bio-degrade in the landfill in a matter of weeks.