Paper Dinosaurs, a new children’s line of games, cartoons and merchandise, was announced today by the newly formed Paper Dinosaur Construction Co., with offices located in Burbank and Newport Beach, CA. Aimed squarely at the “Nick Jr.” crowd, Paper Dinosaurs are bright, colorful and friendly characters, and are meant to entertain while reinforcing positive values and the importance of family and friends in the storylines.    

“When I saw Paper Dinosaurs for the first time on Kickstarter.com, I knew it was special,” says Internet Entrepreneur Justin Hartfield. “The characters were immediately likable, and I knew that the kids would love them. It was a perfect fit for the kind of project I wanted to get behind next.”

“I knew Kickstarter.com would be the place I would find the right financial and production partner,” says Mark Butler, Emmy-award winning animator, and creator of Paper Dinosaurs. “It really came down to the wire! We had early some backers, but it looked like we would come up short of our goal. Then, Justin stepped in, and in one fell swoop, put us over the finish line!”

Paper Dinosaurs is a video game and cartoon series with an Arts and Crafts component. It’s a website portal to their paper world, where kids can watch the cartoons, play the games, and build and share their own Paper Dinosaurs! It’s the Paper DinoSTORE… with coloring books, cut-and-fold books, popup books, teeshirts, stickers and more. It’s the newest kid’s entertainment sensation. Everybody loves Paper Dinosaurs!

The Paper Dinosaur Construction Co. is now in full production on the first video game, as well as the cartoon series, with the first of 26x11 episodes to debut later this year. Also, the company announced the launch of their new game and cartoon enabled social networking website, coming soon.

The Paper Dinosaur Construction Co. is a new start-up, with Justin Hartfield as Chief Executive Officer, and Mark Butler as Chief Creative Officer. The other partners in the venture include Berny Herrera as VP Business Development, and James Magon as Senior Editor and Script Supervisor. James is a veteran cartoon scriptwriter, having worked on a number of successful TV series and films, including Disney’s Chip n’ Dales Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales, Goof Troop, Secret of Nimh and Winnie the Pooh.

“The mobile app market is $17.5 billion, with an estimated 10% of that market going towards children’s apps,” says Berny Herrera, VP Biz Dev. “Paper Dinosaurs are uniquely positioned to maximize our appeal in this space.”

“The art and animation style of Paper Dinosaurs is super fun and nostalgic, in a way unlike other cartoons and games,” says Mark Butler, CCO. “Every kid gets it immediately. You can play with your Paper Dinosaur in game, watch the cartoons, or build and collect them in the real world. However you do it, playing with Paper Dinosaurs is fun :-) .”

For more information, please contact:
write info@paperdinosaurs.com or call 818.731.9327
Website: www.paperdinosaurs.com