We're YellowFolder, the Only Cloud-based Automated Filing Solution designed exclusively for Education K12 Schools. YellowFolder provides a State-Of-The-Art Automated Filing system where your School District can safely file, store, retrieve and manage all their Student, Special Education, Employee and Administration records.
YellowFolder is solely focused on K-12 schools. Schools are our only clients. The YellowFolder system is built specifically for the needs of a school. And, we are the largest supplier of Digital file cabinet services to K-12 schools in the nation.
The YellowFolder system is the safest place possible for your school records:

> Paper records are susceptible to misplacement and loss from a myriad of disasters like fires, floods, hurricanes, and tornados. Digital records kept on site (in a local server) are also subject to these disasters. YellowFolder maintains your records on redundant servers located in vault-like data centers arranged geographically across the country, rendering loss from Acts of God impossible.
> Paper records are also susceptible to violations of FERPA and HIPAA, as anyone with access to the file room can see any document in a file. Digital systems that do not provide passwords for every staff member suffer from the same issue - a result of "password sharing". YellowFolder offers each school system an unlimited number of user accounts so that every staff member has controlled access. This ensures full compliance with FERPA and HIPAA and provides the school system with 100% history tracking of every view of every document.

YellowFolder also provides existing record conversion services, using our own employees. Once your staff transitions to paperless record keeping, we can come on-site, pick up your remaining paper files, convert them to digital format, and upload them onto the YellowFolder system. We also provide this service per a one-price-per-box fee structure. We treat school systems as our partners. Hidden fees kill partnerships!
YellowFolder is a transparent, full-service HIPAA and FERPA compliant partner for schools. YellowFolder has been helping schools across the country become more efficient by moving to a Paperless Document Management System for the last 20 years, and we'd love to help you too.
Making the move from traditional (paper) to digital (cloud based) records -
YellowFolder is the obvious choice.

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