Paperless Trail Inc. (PTI) is a privately owned IT company specializing in mapping products & services, business solutions, and imaging & document management solutions designed to help businesses of all sizes improve their workflow and productivity.

Founded in 2003, we have grown to a staff of nearly 100 professionals comprised of software designers, developers, technical support, mappers, imaging production staff, and management.

We are based in the Philippines with our head office located in Makati, a development team in Davao and a document management services facility in Bicutan, and are strategically located and highly qualified to provide our clients with practical, innovative, and cost effective IT solutions.

Operating divisions:
•Mapping products & services
•Imaging & document management solutions
•Business solutions

Core products:
•Business Mapper - location based business intelligence tools
•Perspective Mobile - mobile asset tracking (vehicles and people)
•Business Mapper - IMS location based incident response management system
•Archive One - document management system
•One Trade Central - B2B/EDI message switching
•Activity Factory - business process management solutions
•Routable maps - nationwide routable maps (Garmin compatible)

•Digital mapping
•Document imaging
•Software development and systems Integration
•Network and technical support
•Help desk and BPO operations
•One Trade Central