Paper Movement sells Christian Greeting Cards & Christian posters online.

In a sentence, Paper Movement wants to see Jesus Christ exalted through the means of paper.
Our method is simple: look, write, give.

We look for words that inspire, strengthen and guide. We write them down, to share them with the world. We give; out of response and gratitude for what Jesus has done for us, and to carry out His command to love the oppressed.

You can join the movement by cultivating a heart that looks to see the needs of others. Take a bit of time and write something uplifting entirely for someone else’s benefit. Lastly, give. Put a face behind your love.

$1 from every poster and 50¢ from each card that you purchase from us goes to Gospel for Asia’s ‘Bridge of Hope’ program to rescue Untouchable Children in Asia from its devastating caste system. To learn more about this modern day tragedy click here or visit our blog. Also be sure to order K.P. Yohannan's challenging, free book, Revolution in World Missions  (GFA Founder, President).

Paper Movement is just two people. Two people in love. With each other, with Jesus. As husband & wife we realize we're very blessed to be able to work together in this way. Our interests, passions, and careers together involve photography, writing, graphic design, and the printing trade. This means that between the two of us we're able to design and print every single Paper Movement product ourselves. We hope our cards and posters can be used to point hearts and souls towards our King.

Paper can make a difference!