Goodbye to paper chaos and welcome to your digital office:
The paperless office becomes reality.

Thanks to the world's best PaperOffice OCR text recognition, live keyword search and SQL-based revision-proof data storage, you can find every document, even content, in seconds and with ease.

Digitization of paper documents, revision-proof e-mail archiving, additional advanced search and document management - all integrated into PaperOffice, enabling the perfect transition to a paperless office.

PaperOffice allows you to record documents in a variety of ways. Existing electronic files are integrated via drag & drop from the file system, by mass import of individual files or by importing the Windows folder structure into PaperOffice.

But even paper documents from your files can easily be digitized in PaperOffice and integrated into the system thanks to the integrated ScanConnect. After these can be edited, saved, optimized and provided with individual notes or tasks. Use PaperOffice for the perfect optimization of your time management.

Thus, PaperOffice also meets the needs of entrepreneurs who do not want to put their most important business capital - their information - in the hands of third parties.