Paradigm Law is a law firm based in Fairfax, Virginia, serving Maryland and Virginia in the following areas of practice: foreclosure prevention, civil litigation, negotiating deficiency judgments, bankruptcy, and more.​

Managing Attorney Shikha Parikh has years of experience in practicing foreclosure defense.   Homeowners deserve to know their rights when it comes to dealing with their lender.  After conducting thorough research, we prepare a strategy that is consistent with the homeowner's goals.  Litigation often becomes necessary to prevent or rescind foreclosure, and, through litigation, we can push a lender to settle with a loan modification, sometimes even where a foreclosure sale has occurred.

What banks do not seem to understand is that a loan modification the most ideal scenario for our client and the lender.  The client stays in their home with peace of mind, the lender obtains a once-again productive loan, and everyone is back on track to economic recovery.  Litigation makes banks take a serious look at the loan, and conduct that vital cost-benefit analysis to realize that a loan modification is the most practical solution.