The Paranormal Explorers are located in Edmonton, Alberta. Ben and Rona perform investigations and spirit removal for private residences and businesses.They have been involved with the paranormal officially for over 8 years and have over 70+ investigations/removals.
Ben is a videographer and operates most of the equipment. Rona is a psychic medium and she locates spirits and takes photographs and records EVP's.  At the end of the investigation, Rona will permanently remove and earthbound spirits that are in the building. They supply the homeowner with a DVD of the investigation involving any photos, videos and sound files that have anything paranormal.
They also conduct talks and seminars on the paranormal and ghost dinners. Rona and Ben belong to the Edmonton Bonewagon Association and are on the council for dEdmonton Halloween Festival.
They have appeared on Creepy Canada and were also consultants on 2 episodes. They've appeared on numerous Canadian news programs and newspapers. Rona has an article in Bite Me magazine and paranormal case submissions in Jeff Belanger's "Encyclopedia of Haunted Places".