Paranovella Studio combines the graphic novel and old-time radio
programming in a uniquely animated, mind-tingling storytelling sensation.

Today’s storytellers have an overwhelming arsenal at their disposal to bring their yarns to life. The recent trend of “binge watching” conjures the gluttonous consumption of toxic content that ends with a remorseful hangover, the brain ransacked by synthetic diversions. Radio shows of yesteryear—like “The Shadow” and “The Lone Ranger” expand the listener’s imagination by summoning the imagery of the creator’s soundscapes—the Ayahausca of content. “Savor watching,” doesn’t have as a nice a ring to it. Podcasts have injected new life into this stunning, nascent art form. The rabid return to radio-style programming only underscores the appetite for going back to this medium to source astonishing storytelling.

Enter raucous upstart Paranovella, a studio that detonates its pitch-black comedic brand through audio-graphic novellas we call Audiographs.