About Parfait Visage
A treatment that will enhance eyebrows, eyes and lips that will give you the finish of perfectly applied makeup. A soft natural look that will enhance you perfectly. As dramatic or as soft and natural as you want.

This is achieved by infusing hypoallergenic pigments into the dermal layer of your skin. This procedure will remain there, gradually fading over a period of time.

Permanent cosmetic enhancement is ideal for a number of reasons. If you are a busy person who has not much time to perfect your look every morning, someone who wants to look their best at all times or if you have makeup allergies, these are just a few of many.

For permanent, perfect results permanent makeup is the way forward.

I use the state of the art technology from the Cosmedic® range which gives constant, high quality and professional results working alongside my natural flare for these type of procedures.

Cosmedic® Permanent Cosmetics
Q: Why choose a Cosmedic® practitioner?

A: The Cosmedic® brand is synonymous with quality. Cosmedic® Practitioners have all been trained to rigorously high standards and use State-of-the-art equipment. Their flair for colour and artistic aptitude ensures a First class enhancement.

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