Welcome to Paramito & Son Jewelers with over 50 years experience in design and business along with excellence of service separating us from others in our industry.

      Paramito & Son Jewelers are not merely sales driven; More so we are experts in jewelry design, showcasing timeless estate pieces, carrying a wide variety of designer’s merchandise from Traditional to Classic, European to Contemporary.  Historically we manufacture our own designs & commissioned redesigns utilizing clientele’s personal collection. We have a wide selection and unique variety of all certified diamonds, as well yellow,  pink  & other natural’s across all color spectrum's accommodating your special engagement and or upgrade.

    Like all beauty, jewelry selection is within the eye of its’ beholder…selected and distinguished by style, where each person & piece of fine jewelry reflects individuality…rings, bracelets, necklaces and or earrings.  Along with our fine jewelry collection we carry a selection of affordable gifts & fine fashion jewelry for our young and or mature clientele.  

Company Philosophy

We have found our customers want more than just a piece of merchandise…what they truly desire is a memory or a story to tell about their individual jewelry. Jewelry adorned is a very social engagement between two or more people; jewelry represents to people their taste, social status, likes, style, individuality and relationships overall.

Think of it! Before we had social media, a young woman would walk up to her friends gleaming with joy and before any exchange between both parties, one noticed her engagement ring; What a story she would tell!!! These events in our life are often frozen in time when we admire a piece of fine jewelry, knowing that the raw materials to make a ring or necklace has taken mother nature millions of years to produce…and that thought is quite special and…to recall those memories makes Special, even more Memorable.