TORONTO, November 06 2013 –– Torontonians slapped with parking violations now have access to a speedy and low-cost online method to fight infractions. Register,enter the violation number, go to the checkout page and confirm the order. The entire process takes about one minute.

ParkingTicketToronto.com caters to businesses with vehicle fleets by offering PTT Corporate Accounts for more flexible payment options. ParkingTicketToronto.ca platform can handle an unlimited number of violations, so your company no longer needs to bother with lineups at the city’s Parking Tag Operations offices.

Both corporate and individual members can add multiple vehicles to their account profiles in order to match each violation with a specific vehicle. All members can also access invoices and order histories anytime with one click on their individual ParkingTicketToronto.com dashboard.

Visit ParkingTicketToronot.com for more information.

Al-Noor WIssanji
Director, Client Services
Parking Ticket Toronto Inc.
c 416-826-2605