Formed 22 years ago in Kansas City, The Parkinson Foundation of the Heartland has been dedicated, since its inception, to raising awareness of Parkinson's disease (PD), to finding its cause and cure, and to providing education and support to patients, their families and their care providers.

We accomplish this through a variety of services such as support groups, exercise and speech classes and educational programs. We publish a quarterly newsletter and organize an annual symposium. Our office is open weekdays, operated by our staff and many dedicated volunteers.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, drop in our Wellness Class for exercise, lunch and fellowship.  Also on Thursdays, access our neurological nurse for questions about PD. Call, fax, or e-mail us today and request a packet of information about PD, or stop by the office and browse in our lending library of books and tapes.

The Parkinson Foundation of the Heartland is a voluntary health service organization active throughout Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. The Foundation is a tax-exempt chapter of the National Parkinson Foundation. Our goal is to provide support to people with Parkinson’s and their families and to inform the community about PD.

We all deal with PD differently. After the initial diagnosis, we may go through a myriad of emotions: denial, fright, disbelief and depression, just to name a few!

At The Parkinson Foundation of the Heartland, we understand where you are emotionally and physically. Our members have, in one way or another, “been there”. Many of us are, or are close to, people with Parkinson’s. We are people of all ages facing the same fight. We are also spouses, children and grandchildren, friends, widows and widowers of people with Parkinson’s. Some of us are medical professionals. Join us and join the fight to vanquish PD!

• Support groups
• Exercise groups
• Speech classes
• Quarterly newsletter
• Educational materials
• Coordination of community and professional services
• Internet resources
• Social activities

The Parkinson Foundation of the Heartland underwrites these and many other benefits and funds research targeting PD. Our office in Leawood, Kansas is staffed every weekday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Members are encouraged to participate in as many Foundation functions as possible and to be active volunteers – we need and welcome your help!