Virtual Parliamentarians (VPs) is an online club specializing in effective meeting management using parliamentary procedure.  Since all Toastmasters Club Constitutions state that their purpose is to “increase its individual members’ knowledge of the rules of parliamentary procedure and their skills in conducting meetings and participating in group discussions,” we help members at organizations, ranging from nonprofits to unions, use Robert’s Rules of Order for efficiently making decisions and resolving conflicts using the Pathways ethical framework too.  

With diverse, global members, who view what’s right differently from America to Australia, practice chairing fun and productive mock meetings held by imaginary societies.  You’ll apply what you learn from presentations on reading assignments by debating to ensure the minority is heard and voting with the majority ruling, one decision at a time on frivolous motions during Table Topics and serious ones during club business.  Our hilarious hecklers may stump you from maintaining order.  However, our registered parliamentarians will advise how you enact change when you call for time-outs and answer questions during our study group sessions.  

A benefit of our club is empowering your growth as an ethical leader to realize the intent behind the governing docs that you agreed to follow for belonging to your clubs, companies, and communities.  Our English speaking club meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 8 to 9:30 pm EST while grooving to a rhythmic parliamentarian dance.  For more info, email Contact-7850496@ToastmastersClubs.Org or visit http://VPOO.ToastmastersClubs.Org.