Parmees Arina Trading Company, founded in 2010, is an importer, trading company which is headquartered in Tehran, Iran. Parmees wants to advance into a leading trading company, as a result of which it will be able to connect millions of buyers and sellers. For achieving this goal, the company has a well established organization of qualified personnel who leave no stone unturned to accomplish the objectives of the company. Our personnel, processes, systems and strategic relationships are focused on one thing: satisfying our customers.

Parmees provides the producing and manufacturing companies worldwide with the best opportunity to get access to a profitable and beneficial market and present their goods to the Iranian customers. Besides, it provides flexibility and choice to the customers and is concerned with satisfying their needs. Thus, the company is to bridge the gap between the sellers and buyers.

Parmees supplies high-quality brand-name products at an optimum price and benefit ratio to a broad spectrum of customers. Activities of the company fall into five categories:
1.     getting exclusive agency from reputable international companies
2.     importing goods
3.     creating and developing brands
4.     marketing
5.     consultancy in the field of sales and distribution

Our vision is to be a leading trading company, whose inspired employees add value to all they touch. Our desire to grow drives our passion to win in the marketplace.

Whatever we do, is for achieving our primary and foremost goal which is nothing but satisfying our customers and fulfilling their demands through the most efficient use of resources. Getting to know the customers’ needs is the prerequisite, for which we need to build strong customer relationships.

Facilitating access to the best products and services is the ways through which Parmees fulfills its wish to get customers satisfaction. For this, it needs to get the exclusive agency of reputable international companies and establish long term business relationships with them.

Our ultimate desire is to be a bridge between the original supplier and the end user.

Parmees will import various kinds of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), but it will be mainly focused on foodstuff and health care.