Shades of Monet® is a truly groundbreaking company. No other cosmetics brand has successfully fused an innovative color palette, performance-driven wearability and intelligent skin care into one makeup line. Shades of Monet® has bridged the gap between the trendsetting world of fashion and the demanding fitness industry to provide fashion and function for women of all skin tones and backgrounds

Shades of Monet® is dedicated to creating opportunities for men and women that have a passion for the beauty industry and inspiring others. By joining The Partnership Program, you can make your dream of working in the beauty industry a reality.

More than just a cosmetics brand, Shades of Monet® is part of a larger movement that hopes to inspire and empower women through confidence, unity and well-being. We aim to provide cosmetics that allow women to embrace their own natural beauty rather than try to achieve an impossible, uniform standard of acceptance. We also know that modern women must perform many roles throughout their day. Mother, friend, daughter, mentor, worker, wife-- each day we give many shades of ourselves to others. Shades of Monet® wants to give back, by providing simple yet effective cosmetics that respect your skin from morning to night while making you feel gorgeous. Our products are designed so you will never have to sacrifice on price, palette or performance.