Professionally bred baby parrots and breeder pairs for sale. all our birds have been hand fed from day one and breeder pairs and had at least one successful clutch. we sell singles and pairs. all birds have been vet checked, vaccinated against
diseases and have got health certificates they will come with. below is a list of what we have available in our aviary
blue & gold macaws ,
scarlet macaws ,
hyacinth macaws ,
green-wing macaws ,
congo african greys ,
timneh african greys ,
yellow naped amazon ,
double yellow sided amazons,
blue fronted amazon ,
umbrella cockatoo ,
black palm cockatoos ,
indian ringnecks ,
solomon island eclectus .
  Pet lovers who are interested in hatching and hand raising their own birds from day one we got good news for you. We now have some freshly laid and fertile parrot eggs available in our aviary for sale. Interested breeders and pet lovers are welcome. Please contact for more information if interested.