We offer a basket of high-quality products such as Butterfly Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Ball Valves, Sanitary Check Valves, High-Temperature Butterfly Valves, George Fischer Plastic Pipes, Fittings, and many other products.
We have the requisite experience and technical expertise in supplying the above-mentioned products. We have also started “valve solution services” since Feb 2007.
Here we offer one of the highest quality ranges of FOOD, PHARMA, BREWERY,
DAIRY & CHEMICAL HOSES as well as hygienic VALVES that ensures your product is not contaminated by plasticisers, phthalates, hydrolysis or toxicants that could leech into your product and alter the smell, look/aesthetics and ultimately the taste. If you're looking to improve the overall quality of your product, you've come to the right place.
We have the requisite experience and technical expertise in supplying the above-mentioned products. We have also started “valve solution services” since Feb 2007
. Following are the details of the products we offer:-

We are Authorized Distributor of FDA Approved Hoses of TUDER TECHNICA, ITALY,
and Manufacturers of All Types of SS Fittings & Assembly. We are Providing Hoses to Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Beverages & Breweries Industries. Also, we have Hydraulic Hoses suppliers.  

2) Deltech Butterfly Valve (Manual and Auto) and Actuators: Deltech products are built with several salient features that provide lasting benefits to our customers. Products from Deltech are working satisfactorily in several locations in India and U.S.A. for over three years. Deltech has a full-fledged set of Manufacturing in Pune. Some of the  Deltech products that we offer are:

(i) Delval Butterfly Valves: One-piece stem, with precision, doubled engagement, to ensure positive drive to disc, eliminating potential leak paths arising out of pin joints. Their blowout-proof construction ensures safety and easy disassembly of the valve.
They have a heavy-duty seat / center-Lock design for positive locking of the seat in body. The seat is replaceable for easy maintenance.

(ii) DelTorq Pneumatic Actuators:
Rugged, compact and modular design, with torque outputs higher than any other comparable, make for an equivalent size. Direct Mounting on Butterfly Valves eliminates the need for brackets and couplings. Easy adjustment of + / - 5
degree in open and close directions ensures perfect alignment of valve seating and open & close limits.

3) Ball, Gate, Globe, Check Valves:
We offer a full range of Ball valves & Gate, Globe, Check valves & Knife Edge
Gate valves. For the last 8 years Manufactured & Supplied products to the
following application:
1. Oil and gas facilities, hydrocarbon processing refineries, and petrochemical plants Fossil fuel, nuclear, and combined cycle power plants.
2.  Fertilizer, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
3. Food and beverage plants
4. Mining, minerals processing, and steel sectors
5. Pulp and paper mills
4. For Sanitary / Hygienic application :

We provide many Sanitary/Hygienic application products such as SS Butterfly Valves,
SS Clamps, SMS Unions, Triclover, Pipes, Tees, and Bends.

Aseptic Pressure modulating valve - these valves are designed to maintain either
constant inlet or constant outlet pressure by Virtue of regulating air pressure.

Aseptic Wiper Glass assembly for manual cleaning, when required of inside glass
surface in sight ports whenever the vessel is under CIP or it is to be viewed.

WFI Water distribution system – Consumption of DMW/PWD & WFI water with a continuous
the flow of water at the consumption point as per cGMP norms.

5) Industrial & Sanitary Diaphragm Valves:

MASCON is world leaders in Diaphragm valve. They have the capacity to give the diaphragm valve suitable for sanitary applications. We have developed a line of
valve bodies that help address the needs of the Bioprocessing and Pharmaceutical
Industries for high quality, welded process systems. The pure-flow solution gives you investment cast valve, Block valves which can be either operated manually or by the actuator.

6) Diaphragm Operated Pumps:
Power Pumps are high-quality positive displacement pumps suitable for all types
of industry & application.

The quality demands of different industries as well as ease of operation &
maintenance is always uppermost during the manufacture of these products.
7)     Other Products we offer are:-
i.     Needle valves.
ii.     Online sampling valves.
iii.     “Y” strainers.
iv.     Diaphragm operated pumps.
v.     Hygienic (Food grade) & Chemical Hoses. Necessary crimping will also be provided.
vi.     Solenoid valves.
vii.     SS triclovers, J bends etc.