Participate Film Academy - the only film school in the world where students actually produce a professional-grade, full-length movie while experiencing all the responsibilities,set etiquette and extensive processes involved in filmmaking.
Participate exists for the sole pupose of transmitting knowledge. At Participate, you will gain that knowledge through lived experiences. You will have the opportunity to learn filmmaking theory and to gain hands-on movie-making experience - not by just assisting professionals but by actually making decisions and doing the job yourself. You will cultivate your creativity under the guidance of our experienced teachers and mentors. You will be motivated to find your own way in the demanding business of filmmaking without being judged. Instead you will be guided by a process of assessment and evaluations.
Freedom to teach and freedom to learn are inseparable at Participate. We all learn and we all teach.

Students Will
Write, (pitch, synopsis treatment, act 1,act 2, act 3, and more)
Produce, (OH&S, locations, rehearsals, permeations, contracts, marketing, sales, premier and more)
Direct, (short films , documentaries, TV programs, Feature Film)
Shoot, edit (short films , documentaries, TV programs, Feature Film)
Promote and distribute an original film
Explore Hollywood Renaissance
Research and analyse key films and directors,
Learn and experience project management, budgetary and marketing skills, code of conduct, OH&S
Learn and experience collaborative work in a team environment
Study core and elective units
Experiential knowledge
Decision making
Problem solving
Team interaction
Project management
Financial decisions
Marketing planning and execution
Hollywood in Film
Australia in Film
Art versus Business  
Ancillary markets / Cross-production /Coproduction
Blockbuster / Festivals /Awards
Producing / Production / General business / Delegation / Time and Money
Direction / Cast and Crew
Writing / Blog line, Synopsis, Treatment, Script, Creative writing
Business / Project Management / Budget / Scheduling  
Fundraising /Sponsorship
Distribution / Festivales / Audience
Practical Short Projects  (preparation for the feature film project)
Introduction to team collaboration practical
View / Analysis of relevant films
Film Genre
Research / Film / Business/ Entertainment / Acting / TV / Societal Issues /
Apply relevant film theories
Documentation / Reports
In house festivals
Write essays
Write and interpret scripts
Produce short films
Budget project
Evaluate project

Students will be able to:
Write presentation information in a range of styles for different target audiences
Communicate central ideas of a message in an informative and engaging manner
Use verbal and nonverbal techniques during a presentation to sustain participant engagement
Develop and participate in industry or community networks
Deliver clear briefings to cast and crew during rehearsals
Complete workplace documentation
Complile both written and verbal reports in relation to production equipment and requirements
Negotiate with a wide range of production personnel and external suppliers and service providers
Compile and organise original research
Demonstrate leadership qualities in the context of managing a production team
Recruit and select personnel for production teams
Interact effectively with people with diverse interests and needs
Foster a cooperative team environment
Troubleshoot and solve problems as they arise during all phases of the production process
Resolve conflicts that typically arise during rehearsals with various stakeholders
Take action to ensure a safe work environment
Work with the possibilities and limitations of staging and technical elements
Identify and accommodate factors that may have an adverse impact on production schedules
Interpret and act on script changes
Manage a range of tasks concurrently
Plan and set-up meetings from 2 to 100+ participants
Conduct meetings from 2 to 100+ participants
Analyse films and film segments critically
Explain how films influence various social and political groups
Research and write an effective analytical film studies
Setup and run a business
Negotiate a job position in the business and film industries
Camera / plans / movment / composition / operation
Make creative decisions
Light / plan / paint
Write, read and interpret a script
Arrange and monitor transportation
Setup an audition
Communicate over the telephone
Manage financial, personal and business operations
Derive and manage marketing activities
Communicate with different sectors of industries
Direct crews and cast
Identify and prevent dangerous situations
Prepare and manage sound recordings
Edit / vision / sound / colour
Sound / design / recording / foley / ADR
Identify audiences
Distribute to cinemas
Work safe and green