Description: Website expands the market for used auto parts for both the seller and buyer based on a visual platform, creating a virtual online salvage yard for the world. Website created to display a vehicle, and a better means to allow that vehicle to be PartedOut more efficiently than any other place on the internet.
PartingOut.com is a new virtual online salvage yard created to bring used auto parts buyers and sellers to one venue.  This project, started by a salvage yard owner five years ago, is founded on revolutionary tools to optimize the used online auto parts industry. There is a huge demand for used auto parts that is grossly underserviced. PartingOut.com satisfies that demand by taking the local auto recycler and expanding their inventory to a worldwide audience.

On PartingOut.com, parts typically not consider when buying salvage have the potential to be sold without the hassle or attention that would normally outweigh their value. For example, by listing the major parts on a vehicle (motor, transmission, etc.) you have opened the entire vehicle up for market (floor mats, sun visor, console, etc.) as a result of the image based platform of PartingOut.com. This is possible by way of the Buyer Listed Part. When a buyer sees a part on a vehicle that is not listed, they can create a Buyer Listed Part. In essence, the buyer describes the conditions and amount willing to pay, and then presents a qualified offer to the seller.  That once obsolete part has just sold itself.  This is one of the revolutionary tools that will change how used auto parts are found, sold, bought, and recycled.

PartingOut.com is part of the solution. It is estimated, that 80 billion barrels of oil annually are saved by recycling used auto parts. However, the general public does not realize the benefits of buying used parts, and more than not, seeks new and aftermarket auto parts.  PartingOut.com was designed to change that by allowing individuals and non-automotive persons to find and recycle used auto parts easily and quickly. Recycled parts lessen the need for new manufactured parts, preserving natural resources, and ultimately become a key part in reducing pollution.

Mr. Kevin Fullerton, as CEO and Founder quoted “The problem was a lack of a website focused on our industry and this niche of customers. Putting ads on other websites, built for other purposes, wasn't easy. It cost a lot of money and time to list all those parts, post the photos, sift through all those unqualified emails wanting you to send more pictures. Well, it's that frustration that fueled the creation of this website-based marketplace we call PartingOut.com.”