pascom is a Linux IT System House with over 15 years of experience. Focusing on the provision of solution based services and the development of tail made systems, such as our innovative Asterisk VoIP Telephony System “MobyDick”.

MobyDick 7 – VoIP made in Germany

MobyDick 7 is leading the way into the future of telephony. We understand that communication is more than a telephone call, and as a result of the growth in International Business, the challenge of communicating effectively is becoming increasingly difficult. That is where MobyDick comes in to its own, bringing with it a vast range of communication tools, whilst simultaneously allowing you to control more than just the cost.

MobyDick provides one of the most powerful, scalable and flexible VoIP communications systems around. Combining the powerful OpenSource “Asterisk” software with our especially developed platform independent user-friendly admin interface, MobyDick is more than just telephony. The system provides you with a complete corporate communications platform, integrating numerous features, including fax, chat, presence management, mobile integration, high availability communications, SSL secured communications for both speech and data, plus many more functions within one system.  

As part of the development process, we use the knowledge we have gained from the countless projects we have run, plus current market analysis to constantly grow our solutions to meet the demands of one of the fastest growing industries in the world - Try our Community Version for free and find out.