Passages Malibu Rehab Center is an alcohol and drug treatment program. Passages Malibu pecializes in rehabilitation combining the best of conventional and holistic treatment proven by research to be effective in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. The alcohol and drug treatment center roots out the underlying issues or problems that are causing the addiction and possibly other mental maladies.  Passages Malibu unique 3-dimensional approach treats the client from all angles: mind, body and soul. We are the only inpatient drug rehab center that includes all necessary components into their treatment program to root out physical impurities and toxins, and an ill consciousness.  Passages Malibu is staffed by fully trained, educated and gifted professionals dedicated to each client and individualized one-on-one therapy.  No other drug rehab center or drug addiction treatment program gives nearly as much care, commitment and one-on-one sessions as Passages Malibu.  Anyone can be free from an alcohol or drug addiction and recieve permanent sobriety; our past clients can attest to that. We do not believe that drug or alcohol addiction is a disease.  We do believe that addiction is merely a symptom of underlying pain or unresolved issues and once the cause is addressed, and dealt with properly, being free from addiction is real.